Friday, February 16, 2007


Hitchhikers Released = 13

These four Trailer Hitches are double-sided.
One side is a 1/4 image of where Lady Prisspott fled after Pepe published that horrible scandal sheet.
A trailer hitch is passed from boxer to boxer, unlike a hitchhiker which is box to box, and with their knowledge, unlike a cootie which is done in secret.
Black Swan - TH
Tuesday Underwear - TH
Polly O - TH

Read all about the Bush interview!

LBN - W? - HH - Get this one as far from D.C. as you can.

These hitchhikers were originally hidden in theatres during the run of shows, in which I performed, then released when the show closed.

Bye Bye Birdie-HH
Lend Me A Tenor-HH
Seussical the Musical - HH

I got a message that four of my letterboxes were missing, so I carved new lions and went out to replace them. I found that only one had gone missing, so I replaced them all and set the old ones free as hitchhikers.
Lion in Fall - HH
Lion in Winter - HH
Lion in Spring - HH

None of Your Beeswax-HH - (Launched this on Skyline Drive - coincidentally, a bee flew in the car window during that trip and landed, stunned, on Firefly.)
Gotta Go-HH (This is a fun one, dropped it into a postal letterbox.)

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