Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mystery - Found

Mystery Letterboxes Found = 40

18 Years
A Geriatric Waddle 167
Ace Bean Farm 158
Aloof Mutt 166
Another Ordovician Enigma?
Badger Mesa Iowa 160
Bee Gal Gap 164
Beneath Daedalus
Bluesmen Mystery #1
Bluesmen Mystery #2

Carnival of the Animals
Chillin' With the Girls
Corky Mount 173
Far Tooty 167
High Mountaintop 159
Hot Ding
Hot Sake 174
Letterboxers Beware*D.C.

Letterboxers Beware*Subterranean Tunnels
Lost Directions
Lucifer's Lair
Macular Degeneration
Murieltown 168
Nero Young 162
Never Forget
Nine Claps 172
No Dud
North Pomona Pagan Art 163

Prize Hog Delta 178
Remnants of the Past
Sad Lynk 161
Skull & Bones
Slim Awl 171
Smithsonian Castle
Stack's House
Teapot Talkers Inn
The Real Story of Steam Power
Wolf Hollow Stalag

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